Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

What If The Internet Stopped Working? Watch What Would Happen

Image result for What If The Internet Stopped Working? Watch What Would HappenCan you imagine a world without the Internet? For a lot of us, it would mean no Facebook, no Twitter and no ordering food online! If the Internet stopped working one morning, it would mean not being able to stream movies online, not being able to post travel pictures on Instagram, not being able to ‘Google’ everything at the drop of a hat.

Living without the Internet would cause a lot of immediate problems, like the ones listed above. However, what would a world-wide Internet shutdown mean in the long term?

A short video by Insh takes a look at what would happen if the Internet stopped working all over the world. The video explains how it would affect communication and commerce, burdening working phone lines and putting major companies like Google out of business. An Internet shutdown would leave hundreds of thousands of people unemployed, crash economies and even affect countries with a limited Internet presence.