Wed. May 22nd, 2019

8 Skills Games You Would Suggest Your Friends to Play to Sharpen Their Minds

Most of us play Indian rummy online games or other fun games simply to enjoy. They serve a better purpose than mere enjoyment which we never notice. They work to train your mind in certain skills that prove helpful in daily life. Here we have listed out some of the most common skills games that we must play to keep our minds well trained and active:


Carroms is a very popular skills game that people of all ages can enjoy equally. Carroms can be player between two individuals or two teams. The goal of each player or team is to put all the coins in the holes and to win the queen for themselves or their team. The game requires a good deal of focus and understanding the rules of light reflection. The game is regarded as a skills game as it develops attention and focus.


The rummy card games are equally popular online as well as offline. While this game appears relatively simple to most players, it is also a skills game. The goal of the game is to complete making the requisite sequences and melds before other players. The game requires a good deal of organising skills. You can play rummy online free without cash to gain expertise through practice. The game also teaches you how to plan your moves in advance. It helps you come up with interesting strategies that help you win the game.


If you have an inclination towards language learning, this is the game for you. Scrabble is an excellent game that increases the word power of players. In this game, you don’t need to just make words but also make sure they fit into the board like a proper crossword. The game gets more challenging closer to the end when most of the spaces on the board have been taken already.


This is regarded as one of the top brain games. The goal of each player is to shift all the coins to the other side of the board. Whoever achieves this goal first wins the game. The game is said to sharpen mind skills.


Chess has always been the favourite among the brainy lot. The goal of the game is to win over the opposite army. One army is white while the other is black. There are specific moves for each coin. The game may go on for hours and make you sit and think.


Jenga is a Japanese Game that helps to effectively develop your concentration. The game requires each player to build up a new layer by picking out intermittent blocks without disturbing the construction.

Dart Games

This is a game that people of all ages can play. Your age can never be a constraint when it comes to dart board games. The goal of the player is to aim the darts at the highest points. The game not just gives your arm enough physical activity but also coerces you to maintain your focus on the board. It is a very helpful game for all growing children.

Jigsaw Puzzles

If you wish to exercise your brain as well as memory simultaneously, you must choose a Jigsaw Puzzle. These puzzles help you focus, organise, visualise, remember and come up with the final solution. The amount of time required to solve these puzzles may vary from one person to another. The game is very helpful in building your visual memory. It also helps you organise better.

While most people enjoy to win money playing games, few actually consider how these games help them think or use their skills. As more people take up white collar jobs that keep you riveted to the screen, the need for more thought-provoking entertainment is ever on the rise.

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