Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

5 jewellery tips to swear by in 2019

Jewellery is increasingly playing a role as a fashion and style accessory for women in India. Women are moving towards building a repertoire of jewellery that they can wear everyday, rather than having a few statement pieces that they would wear occasionally.

Atul Sinha, from Caratlane, gave us insights on some of the top trends in jewellery that would be big in 2019.

  • There is an increasing trend towards diamond jewellery, and consumers are also going beyond the traditional yellow gold and opting for jewellery in rose gold, white gold, or platinum.
  • To add extra sparkle at the weddings opt for diamond jewellery.
  • To accessorise your work wear, stud and drop earrings are perfect.
  • A solitaire ring or a simple bracelet can also be a good work accessory.
  • If you are bored of your old jewellery, then remember that gold jewellery can very easily be recycled. Most jewellers, including CaratLane, offer a gold exchange scheme, allowing customers to return their old gold jewellery in exchange for new jewellery.